Running in South Fremantle

Running in South Fremantle

My first two weeks in Australia I maintained a daily movement practice, but the past week all I've wanted to do was eat, sleep, and drink coffee. I'd move a little bit here and there, but without enthusiasm.

Today the energy came back, and I had a great workout at my new gym, pictured below. It's a trail along the beach and some rings I brought over in my carry-on from the states.

When I ran my first big race- the Austin Freescale Half Marathon when I was 19 years old, I was averaging a 10 minute mile. I later switched to Vibram Five Fingers, and my pace dropped to 9min/mile. I became injured and started taking yoga, and as my hamstrings and hips opened, down it came to 8min/mile.

From over stretching and postural balances, my relationship with running was off and on. I shifted more to indoor cycling and loved the community of the shared experience.

Now I know more about the body than ever, and am retraining my body with a lot of awareness on my pelvic floor. The way I'm running now is faster than ever, and I'm rapidly approaching a 7min/mile. Before, this pace would have been an all out sprint, flinging my body forward. Now it feels controlled, I am shocked when I look down and see my pace. It feels like 9min/mile, but it's so much more sustainable and quite a bit faster.

I'm not even trying to move quickly, just trying to move with integrity.