Eric was my very first yoga teacher several years ago and he has remained the inspiration behind my continuing dedication the practice ever since. He puts an incredible amount of research, planning, and wisdom into each of his classes; and I have always left his studio feeling physically relaxed and spiritually focused. He also has an uncanny ability to tailor his instruction to the experience level of each of his students, making his classes perfect for beginning and advanced practitioners alike. It’s no wonder he has the massive following that he does.
— Joel W
Eric is a wonderful yoga instructor whose classes always offer a much-needed balance between vigor and peace. He gives detailed instructions for complex poses, offers encouragement throughout class, and brings a wonderful spiritual quality to all of his classes by leading a meditation segment. His classes have been some of the best that I have ever taken, and he has helped me improve my practice greatly.
— Anna B
Eric is an incredibly attentive, creative, and thoughtful instructor. I came to Eric pretty early on in my yoga practice and could not have been happier with his approach. He brings an intuitive balance to his teaching, honoring where his students are at in their practice while challenging them to push themselves further. Coupled with this is his ability to begin and end each class with teachings that are consistently relatable and resonant, offering a perspective that meaningfully informs your time on the mat. It’s clear he considers his lessons thoughtfully, and it results in classes that are inspiring and challenging both physically and spiritually. Each time I leave the mat, I take what I’ve learned with me, which is a clear testament to Eric’s strength as a teacher.
— Zachary C
Eric is an extraordinary teacher and it has been a privilege to be in his class. He has broadened my understanding of yoga by a wide scope and introduced me to so many new aspects of yoga.
— Alexandra Sherman
Eric brings such positivity and warmth to his classes, always creates a rejuvenating experience, and offers wonderful hands-on assists. It is obvious that he cares deeply about his students and wants to enrich their lives. After every class I feel physically stronger, deeply relaxed, and inspired.
— Dan Kapner
It is rare to find a yoga teacher who makes you want to be the best version of yourself while still loving the body and mind you have. Through Eric’s sensitive but persistent coaching I’ve become much more flexible, strong, happy, and energetically balanced. Eric consistently prepares sequences and classes that will respect your body but still challenge it, includes options for many levels of ability, and seems to know just the moment for a deep comment on the grace and challenge of life or grilled cheese sandwiches. I have brought my mom, best friend, and soon boyfriend to his classes.
— Zoe K
Eric’s soothing voice and hand’s on assists make his classes a fabulous yoga experience. Eric is instructive, challenging, and encouraging. Every class incorporates a variety of poses, so it’s never boring. Eric’s class is part of my weekly routine that I always look forward to.
— Jacqueline S
I learn something new every time I go to Eric’s class. His teaching is refreshing and he’s not afraid to take risks, while keeping you safe and at ease. If I were to boil a description of his classes down to two words–no easy task–they would be peace and adventure!
— Anna Franklin
One of the things you realize when you take Eric’s class is that he connects with each yogi and yogini. He cares! Yoga is a physical practice but it’s also so much more. When you practice with Eric, you know that.
— John Lipold
Having Eric as a yoga instructor was a wonderful and rewarding experience. His classes truly focus on the mind, body and spirit. The energy he brings is consistent and genuine, making each session a
unique restorative journey as he helps you grow in your practice
— Ashton R
Every opportunity I get to practice in Eric’s presence, I feel a sense of calm and peacefulness—-his hands on approach allows me to really focus on my breathing and being in the moment of the practice
— Vong K
Somehow Eric always seems to know what I need out of a class, even if I don’t realize it! Each class is always different, but equally challenging and restorative. Eric is the most patient and supportive instructor and has a uniquely wonderful way of helping me to visualize poses. You will without a doubt leave his class feeling better than when you walked in! I have taken classes with Eric for two years and my time on the mat with him is always a highlight of my week. No matter what you are looking to achieve out of a yoga class, Eric will
lead you there.
— Randi P
I have attended many classes led by Eric, which prompted me to seek private training sessions with him. I have knee problems and Eric taught me how to use yoga poses to alleviate pain as well as which common yoga poses to avoid pain. He is thoughtful, earnest, and cares deeply about each student’s practice. He is wise beyond his age. In conclusion, I am a middle-aged man who is able to succeed at yoga in no small part to Eric’s guidance.
— Bruce M
“Eric is a phenomenal yoga instructor and his class is a highlight of my week. I came to Eric’s class as a yoga novice and was immediately put at ease by his patience, warmth, and impressive knowledge of the art. His class gives me a great sense of inner peace and accomplishment each week.
— Charles B
Eric’s classes are thoughtful, cohesive, and meticulous with respect to alignment. He creates challenging sequences that are welcoming to beginners as well as experienced yogis. I always leave his class feeling freer in my body and lighter in my mind.
— Andrea M
Eric’s yoga classes made waking up early on Monday mornings the best part of my week! Eric is an amazing instructor, and his classes are fun and challenging. Over the last couple of years, Eric has helped me to noticeably improve my balance, flexibility, and core strength, and do poses that I never thought possible.
— Elizabeth C