• Paris, VA
  • United States

Join Eric Schwarz on his first East Coast retreat since leaving Washington, D.C., for Australia in 2016.  This weekend is a carefully crafted curation of embodied philosophy that Eric has found to be the most powerful and transformative for both himself and his students.  These themes contain philosophy that can be revisited over a lifetime, revealing different wisdom for each situation we bravely encounter.  This weekend retreat is a short drive from Washington, D.C., includes vegan, gluten-free meals, and leaves space for self-study and/or hiking in picturesque Paris, Virginia.

The Retreat Includes:

  • Daily meditation and asana

  • Free time for nature

  • Saturday camp fire (weather permitting)

  • A DIY smudge workshop

  • Lodging with linens

  • Vegan, Gluten Free Meals

Friday (Additional Exchange of $50) – Teacher Development

Alchemizing & Galvanizing

There is a stark difference between art that is a proscriptive, formulaic, and rehearsed expression, and that which is of the moment, spontaneous, and vulnerable.  When we do anything from the heart, whether its leading, creating art, or teaching yoga, there is a self-evident truth that is boldly distinguishable from something born of the thinking mind.  This seminar softens the grip of the manas and invigorates the power of the heart space so that you can teach with powerful authenticity.  The meaningful journey we can create in every class is only possible when you, as a teacher, allow the wisdom of the heart to transmute your life’s experiences into a potent blend of personal and embodied philosophy, inspiration, and introspection. 

Living in a State of Surrender (Friday Evening)

Dynamic, Sacral Flow. 

The world changed when seafarers learned to navigate by using the tides and winds rather than rely on sheer man power alone.  For the first time, our ancestors were able to travel greater distances, with less effort, and visit strange and wonderful lands.  When we invite surrender into our hearts as a daily practice, our comfort zone is widened, and our spiritual evolution ceases to grind.  It instead flows with the tides of the universe.

The Wisdom of Impermanence (Saturday Morning)

Core Resilience & Release

The only thing we can count on to be consistent is change.  With change comes joy, sorrow, and everything in between.  This practice explores how to transform unexpected loss as vehicle to awakening to the present moment and enriching daily life.

Rituals for the Spirit: DIY Smudge (Saturday Afternoon)

Prior to the agricultural revolution approximately 10,000 years ago, humans did not simply commune with the natural world, but were undeniably of it. In a time of animism, everything had spirit and power, and knowledge of the Earth was complex, rich, and respectful.  This workshop explores the ancient technique of smudging, and how one can harness the power of various flora for specific intention and ritual.

Restorative Practice (Saturday Evening)


The Hero’s Journey (Sunday Morning)

Bridging the Lower & Upper Realms; Integration

Groundbreaking anthropologist Joseph Campbell dedicated his career to researching mythology across the planet’s geography and history.  Through all of the major myths, including those that arose independently of one another, existed a theme that mirrored the journey of the individual soul.   This practice explores the evolution of our own consciousness, epic battle of the ego, and conclusion to our personal heroic journey.

Once you reserve your space, I will then send you an invoice via PayPal or Venmo. That link is: https://forms.gle/p36WtrQpFrm3Utw57

Please keep in mind that this retreat is being held in a family home, thus I am not able to guarantee private accommodations.  I will, however, do my best to meet everyone's needs and requests to create a scared container for your weekend getaway.